PattonvilleTODAY The Student News Site of Pattonville High School Fri, 14 Feb 2020 18:14:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Seussical Weekend Kicking Off Fri, 14 Feb 2020 17:26:24 +0000 Pattonville High’s spring musical’s opening night was Thursday, February 13 at 7pm. After a dress rehearsal during the day on Wednesday, the cast and crew were ready for opening night and their weekend shows. On Wednesday’s dress rehearsal show, students from Pattonville’s elementary schools and choir classes from the middle schools came to see the show.
The show starts out with Jojo (Lydia McCullough) meeting the Cat in the Hat (Michael Pirrie) who tells Jojo to keep imagining new worlds. Jojo is then thrust into the world of Dr. Seuss where he becomes Whoville’s Mayor’s son.
The show continues to tell the story of Horton who finds the speck that Whoville is on. His friends don’t believe that he can hear the Whos and exile him. The Whos are crying for help from Horton, though.
The story continues to follow Jojo on his adventures through Dr. Seuss’ world with the help of the Cat in the Hat.
The show has many musical numbers that add to the storyline and includes dance numbers for most of the cast.
Cast and crew are putting the show on Friday, February 14th at 7pm, Saturday, February 15th at 7pm, and Sunday, February 16th, at 2pm in Pattonville High’s Auditorium.
There are limited tickets left for Friday night but be sure to check it out Saturday or Sunday.

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International Club Shares Love to Students by Selling Flowers Fri, 14 Feb 2020 16:28:22 +0000 In honor of Valentine’s Day, the International Club sold cards and carnation flowers for $2 each to students during all lunch sessions through February 5-11, and members delivered them this morning.

The deliveries are one of the club’s fundraisers, and, according to member Xmiena Rodger-Stamps, “I’m not sure how but I know it’s been a tradition for many years.”

The money that they fundraise is going to several upcoming events. According to a sponsor of the club, Ms. Korte, “For this current fundraiser we are considering setting proceeds aside to pay for flowers to send to students and staff members facing personal struggles who can use some community support and an act of kindness.”

Some other events that International Club holds throughout the year include Holi, El Literacy Night, Dinner Theater, International Day Show, and World Peace Day.

Club members presented recipients with the carnations during first hour, and the students’ reactions to their flowers and cards ranged from expectant to surprised. International Club brightened the day of a good portion of the school. Ms. Korte reported that the group delivered about 285 cards and 500 flowers.

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PHS Seniors Emily Gamache and Lydia McCullogh Selected for Ceramic Teapots Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:34:02 +0000 PHS Seniors Emily Gamache and Lydia McCullogh were selected to have their ceramic teapots exhibited in the High School Teapot Exhibit held in the Spiritas Gallery at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, which featured 14 schools. The exhibit was a partnership with Craft Alliance Center of Art and Design and was part of Tea and Cookies: 17th Biennial Teapot Exhibition.

Scott Fader
Artist Lydia McCullough constructed her Indiana Jones themed teapot after being inspired by a scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She was given some help from her teacher, but she put it together and came up with the idea.

As part of a Ceramics 2 class project, Lydia McCullogh worked on hers for over two weeks. The guidelines were to have a not normal but still functional teapot. She believed that she went a step further and made it functional with a different way of pouring. McCullogh was really happy to be selected out of other very talented students. On her teapot design, she explains, “While it is macabre, I thought it would be very unique and interesting to look at.”

Scott Fader
Artist Emily Gamache constructed a teapot for a school project in Ceramics 2. The pot features elements of the ocean.

Another Ceramics 2 student and winner is Emily Gamache, who also worked on hers for the duration of the project. Her teapot was very unique from the others, too, and it was designed with an ocean motif.

Mr. Fader was very proud of his students whose work was recognized. He explained that his belief is that “the creation of art should be as personal of an experience as possible.” He felt his job during the project was to act as an art “coach” to help with their ideas. “I am simply a resource for idea generating processes and sharing techniques or skills that may be helpful for the students to achieve their goals.”

The exhibit runs through March 27 at Ladue Horton Watkins High School.

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Beyond the Classroom: Exploring the Da Vinci Exhibit Tue, 11 Feb 2020 16:28:31 +0000 The St. Louis Science Center recently opened a new exhibit called Da Vinci The Exhibition: Inventor, Scientist, Engineer. While the exhibit is an extra cost, it is a limited time experience, closing April 19. The exhibit highlights parts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life that are not as well known as his paintings, such as his inventions.
“I thought the most interesting part of the exhibit was all of the inventions… I like that some were interactive and you could see how they worked,” a Pattonville parent stated.
The exhibit includes large scale prints of Da Vinci’s painting with informational plaques next to each one. Since the exhibit focuses on his other work, there are over 60 life size models of his inventions. Displayed in the exhibit is Da Vinci’s tank, room of mirrors, diving suit, steam cannon, and much more.
“I didn’t realize how many things he invented and improved upon, everything from complex machines to something as simple as a weather vane. That one surprised me!”
The exhibit also highlights Da Vinci’s codes and manuscripts. There are replicas of the documents as well as information on the journey of the documents from Da Vinci’s hands to the many libraries they’re located at now.

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Two Pattonville Wrestlers Qualify for State Tue, 11 Feb 2020 15:45:30 +0000 The girls’ wrestling at Pattonville had their districts on February 7-8. The team had eight girls who went to districts. They prepared at practice the night before and Coach Mueller gave them an inspiring team talk. They had very successful meets; two girls qualified for state, and three others were only one match away from qualifying from state.
This is Autumn’s Otis second time qualifying for state, and she is in one of the hardest weight classes in the state (142 lbs.). When talking about what going to state means to her she says she wants “to show the state of Missouri exactly what I’m made of and the heart I have for the sport.” Autumn had a few setbacks in the season, but she didn’t let this hold her back. “I just knew I wasn’t going to be the same as last year with my injury, but I still had faith in myself. I knew I had it in me to make it state once again,” Autumn says.
Desire Adams (166 lbs.), the other state qualifier, beat the number one seed with a pin in the quarterfinals. Desire just started her wrestling career this year, so she wasn’t sure if she would make it to state.
During districts it was a roller coaster for her. She recalled, “I lost the first round then totally changed my wrestling style and wasn’t sure if that would get me through.” Desire is excited for the state meet and is looking forward to seeing her other friends that wrestle. Both Girls’ and Boys’ Wrestling State Meet will be on February 20-22 in Columbia, Missouri. Go, Pirates!

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Objection! Mock Trial Wins Defense Case Tue, 04 Feb 2020 15:40:00 +0000 Pattonville High’s Mock Trial team recently had their first competition of the year, and they managed to win all three ballots available over Lindbergh High.
The team received a case file at the beginning of the year and have been working hard to sway the jury and judge in their favor. They were given a civil case in which a devastated mother is suing the company which owns the amusement park in which her son died.
Pattonville’s Mock Trial coach Ms. Raymond said the case is “a wrongful death case, but it involves comparative fault and requires students to analyze multiple potential causes for a teenager’s untimely death.”
This complication makes for an interesting and thought-provoking case for the Mock Trial students to learn about.
The first round of competitions decide if the teams go on to regionals or not. The team’s defense and plaintiff sides have to compete on separate occasions to see if they can prove their side of the case to the judge and jury. Each jury member and the judge have a ballot they fill out as they listen to the case that has scores for each section of the case. The side with the higher score on a ballot wins that ballot. Pattonville has won three ballots on their defense side and have yet to compete on the plaintiff side.
Coach of five years, Ms. Raymond used to be a trial lawyer and likes to share her knowledge with her students. She describes her coaching style: “I think I’m fairly easygoing as a coach. I hope to model my own interest for students and encourage them to take the reins and be creative in developing their own theories of the case. I try to provide constructive feedback without micromanaging.”
Ms. Raymond also teaches and coaches Pattonville’s debaters. She finds a lot of similarities between debate and mock trial. She pointed out that “both require an effective delivery, critical thinking, solid argumentation, and convincing character development.”
While the teams share some facets, other aspects set them apart. Ms. Raymond explains, “Mock trial is a team sport with a lot of moving parts. It requires getting everyone on the same page with respect to the same case. There are only two opportunities to present your case and qualify for advancement. In debate, everyone is working on different performances and there are many tournaments throughout the year.”
The Mock Trial team is primarily freshmen this year but the defense side’s win is helping to boost the team’s confidence and will hopefully help them in their future competitions. Their next competition is February 18.

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Eighth Grade Students Attend PHS Curriculum Night Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:50:08 +0000 On Monday, January 27, eighth grade students from Pattonville’s Holman, Heights, and Remington schools attended the Pattonville High School Curriculum Fair. Students and parents got to see what course selections there would be for the 2020-2021 school year.

The fair included an assembly introducing students and parents to Pattonville High School. Then, parents and students visited booths set up in the cafeteria and commons to meet with PHS teachers and students. Each booth showcased information on different classes and electives offered for next year, and the teachers and students fielded questions. The event was an opportunity for parents and students to get a glimpse into what high school is going to be like.

From a student perspective, Sydney Hoynacki, current eighth grade student at Holman, voiced her opinion about the curriculum night. “It felt useful to look at the classes offered and be able to talk to students currently in that class. I think it is beneficial, and it allows students to start thinking about what classes they will take as freshmen or even upperclassmen.” Sydney thought the Orchestra course stood out the most because “some students and Mr. Dunsmoor were playing a piece of music on their instruments.”

Eighth grade students will also get another opportunity during school to visit the High School on Thursday, February 6th at 1:15 pm, with another round of booths set up for students about the activities offered here at PHS.

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Cheerleaders Head to Dallas for Nationals Thu, 30 Jan 2020 20:04:52 +0000 On January 30, 2020, Pattonville varsity cheerleaders strut down the hall, ecstatic for the trip to Dallas, Texas. Nationals are in their future. The cheerleaders will compete in the NCA High School Nationals from February 1-2.
Click here for additional information about keeping up with the event coverage as our squad competes in Nationals.
Best of luck to the Pirate Cheerleaders!

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JV Drill Team Brings Home Trophies at Fort Zumwalt North Invitational Tue, 28 Jan 2020 19:16:56 +0000 Last Saturday, January 25, the Junior Varsity Drill Team competed at their last competition of the season. Head coach Lindsey Purviance and assistant coach Katie Greenwell took the girls to the Fort Zumwalt North Invitational. The team came home with a first place trophy for pom and a second place trophy for hip hop.

The 10 girls on the team had spent the last seven weeks intensely preparing for this competition, perfecting all of their tricks, skills, and performance quality. The coaches had drilled new choreography into the girls’ minds. Then they went back to make sure it was perfect.

The night before, they had practice to make sure they had both of the performances down. Then, before they even knew it, competition day was here. The team was up bright and early Saturday and had to meet at Pattonville at eight in the morning.

Once they all got to the competition, they went to their dressing room and immediately started preparations. The two coaches helped the girls put on their makeup and get their hair ready. Then it was time to practice.

They all went into the hallway outside of their dressing room and began to run through their dances. Once they were done practicing, it was time to put on their uniform and go perform. While JV was waiting in the tunnel to perform, Varsity Drill Team surprised them, coming up to support JV during their last competition.

Once the coaches took pictures of the two teams, it was finally time. They walked into the gym to perform their first dance. Hip Hop was the first dance that they were going to perform.  All of the coaches, varsity, and the girls’ parents were screaming and cheering as they took the floor. Then their music started and they began: everything went as smoothly and it could have gone.

Before anybody knew it, the dance had ended. As the girls hit their ending pose, the whole gym went wild. Everybody was cheering for our JV Drill Team. As they walked off the floor, everyone could see the proud look on all of the girls’ faces. There was no time to waste, however; they had to immediately start getting ready for pom and rushed back to change uniforms. Once they were changed, Coach Lindsey pulled their hair into a bun, and Coach Kate put their bow in.

While JV was getting ready, Varsity was getting them pumped to perform pom. Once they were all ready, they went to practice and stretch in the hallway. They could not practice for long. The girls all went back to the tunnel and waited.

Once the team was called, they walked into the gym and cheered onto the floor to their first position. The music started, and every girl that was dancing had hit every skill and trick. Once the performance was over, the girls cheered off, watched two other teams, and waited for awards. They all sat in a circle and held hands.

Once their hip hop category was called they all leaned in closer to each other, and they did the same with pom. Pattonville Junior Varsity Drill Team closed out the season with a second place trophy in hip hop and a first place trophy in pom. The two coaches could not have been more proud of the girls.

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Is the iPhone 11 Better Than the X? Wed, 22 Jan 2020 16:34:44 +0000 Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.The iPhone 11 is currently one of Apple’s latest phones to release, with three different variations. With the iPhone 11’s improvements from its predecessor and superior display, it’s guaranteed to satisfy any tech consumer. The 11’s price dropped to $699 recently, the 11 Pro is $999, and the 11 Pro Max is $1099. While a lot of people are happy with the new phone, a lot of others feel it’s not worth it if they had the XR, which is priced at $599 but was originally $750.
Users of the 11 are most pleased with the new camera on the phone. The camera has a new wide mode and a new dark mode. The wide view zooms out without the zoomed out look. The dark mode artificially brightens darker settings.
One of the downfalls of the iPhone 11 is the lack of an aux cord port, which isn’t surprising since we haven’t seen one on an iPhone since the iPhone 6. However, in a seemingly successful attempt to redeem this downfall, Apple did release their new bluetooth earbuds in 2016. Apple released the AirPod Pros in 2019, which is an expensive fix but a fix, nonetheless.
The display of the iPhone 11 is stellar compared to previous phones. The glass encased phone has a 6.1” liquid retina display. This is an LCD display that has a higher quality of pixelation, which creates a high definition view with no pixels seen to the naked eye.
Apple also released new colors for the iPhone 11. While keeping the black, white, yellow, and the special (PRODUCT) Red, the newest iPhone comes in sea green, lavender, and hunter green. Any device bought in (PRODUCT) Red has proceeds that go to the Global HIV/AIDS fund to help fight AIDS, which is continuing since it started in 2018.
The iPhone 11 Pro has a new feature to it that no other iPhone has. This is the fast charging 18W USB-C charger and a USB-C to lightning cable adapter. In addition, it has a third camera designed to enhance the dimensions of photos.
While Pattonville used to have a clear divide between iPhone and Android users, it seems the iPhone 11 has changed that dynamic.

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